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Problems Pages…

By Andy | April 1, 2005 | 0 Comment

I came across this Problem Bank website a few months back but noticed that it has recently moved and also undergone a UI update.

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The Max Box Problem

By Andy | March 26, 2005 | 2 Comment

As part of mt PGCE course I had to create an ICT resource to teach some element of the Maths Curriculum. I decided to try and tackle the traditional Max Box Problem in which you are presented with a sheet (in this case of paper, but it could be anything) and asked to find the […]

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Response to the White Paper on the Tomlinson Report

By Andy | February 25, 2005 | 3 Comment

On Wednesday the 23rd of February the Government published the _White Paper_ repsonse to the *Tomlinson Report* in to changes in 14-19 education. Details of the response can be found here From the perspective of a Maths teacher this report is quite disappointing in many (but not all) respects, which we shall look at now: […]

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Nested Polygons 2!

By Andy | February 7, 2005 | 0 Comment

So having played with it a bit longer (as well as some helpful prods in the right direction – Thanks Jenni!) we can now make a little more progress… The trick is to convert the infinite product into an infinite sum… To do this we need to find a way to turn multiplication into addition. […]

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Substiting into Formulae

By Andy | January 29, 2005 | 2 Comment

I was reading through September 2004 issue of MT (Mathematics Teacher – published by the ATM), and came across an article on teaching “Subtituting into Formula” In the article Colin Foster (from our local Henry VII’s) talks about trying to find ways to make the task of subtituting in to formulas seem more interesting and […]

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Tables Timer Flash Program

By Andy | | 0 Comment

Following on from my initial attempt at doing some flash programming, Ruth asked tme to have a go at replacing a piece of software they had previously had a school. What this software does is tests you on a particular times table and times how long it takes you to complete it. After a little […]

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Tables Quiz Flash Program

By Andy | | 1 Comment

Over Christmas I decided to have a go at teaching myself some flash! All in an effort to enable me to write some more interesting software for teaching Maths… This was my first attempt, it is a short flash file that test students tables between 0 and 15. You can select the highest and lowest […]

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