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Andy Kemp

Husband, Father, Head and Technology Enthusiast

About Me

Dr Andy Kemp

As an educator I believe it is essential that we all strive to be better. That is true of the students I teach, the staff I lead, and most importantly myself! To achieve this it is essential that people take ownership of their work, and are empowered to take decisions themselves, whilst knowing support is always available.

I've been fortunate to work with teachers and educators across the world through speaking at conferences, designing and delivering INSET for schools, MEI, Texas Instruments and the IBO. I've written for lots of journals and magazines including Mathematics Teaching, Mathematics in Schools, SecEd, Professional Development Today, ICT for Education, Teaching Times and have been interviewed for articles in the Guardian. I've also written revision guides for the IB Mathematics course, published by Texas Instruments and Oxford Study Centre (OSC) as well as contributing a chapter to the Continuum Press book 'Mathematics Education with Digital Technology'.

I believe that technology has the potential to radically impact upon the way we do teaching and learning in schools. The exploration of this potential whether through the use of Computer Algebra Systems, tablets, laptops, mobile devices, VLEs, AI or cloud technologies has formed a constant part of my working life.

I'm always on the lookout for new areas and projects - If you are working on something you think might be of interest to me then get in touch!


Stephen Perse Foundation

Head of Senior School

As the Head of the Senior School, I am responsible for the strategic, and day to day, leadership of the Senior School, and the almost 600 students within the 11-16 Senior School section of the wider Stephen Perse Foundation.

September 2019 - Present
September 2016 - August 2019

Wells Cathedral School

Head of Senior School & Vice-Principal

As the Head of the Senior School, I am responsible for the day to day and strategic leadership of the Senior School, and its almost 600 students, within Wells Cathedral School.

Wells Cathedral School

Deputy Head

As the Deputy Head, I am responsible for the day to day operational running of Wells Cathedral School, including overall strategic leadership of the academic curriculum and its staffing.

September 2014 - August 2016
September 2012 - August 2014

Wells Cathedral School

Director of Studies

As the Director of Studies, I was a member of the Senior Team responsible to the Head for the leadership and management of teaching, learning and assessment in the school, including leadership of the academic curriculum and its staffing in the Senior School, and oversight of the curriculum in the whole School.

Taunton School

Director of Digital Strategy, Head of Mathematics & Timetabler

As Director of Digital Strategy I was responsible for the strategic direction of ICT across the whole school (2-18+).
As Head of Mathematics I oversaw the IGCSE, FSMQ Additional Maths, A- level Mathematics and Further Mathematics, and IB Mathematics courses.
As Timetabler I was responsible for the development of the Senior School timetable.
Additionally I was Deputy IB CAS Co-ordinator, and a VIth Form Tutor in a boys’ day house.

September 2008 - August 2012
September 2005 - August 2008

Warwick School

Teacher of Mathematics & ICT

In addition to my teaching responsibilities I was also responsible for the Clubs & Societies and the House Activities Programme, which included management of staffing of these activities and co-ordination of the associated budgets. As well as working with the Marketing Department to promote these activities to parents. I was also the Treasurer of the Staff Common Room.

Henley College

Part-time Lecturer in Business Studies and ICT

This role involved teaching ICT, Business Studies and Accountancy in an FE College.

September 2003 - August 2004


MBA (Educational Leadership)

UCL - Institute of Education

2015 - 2017

Leadership, financial management, strategy and marketing.
My dissertation was titled "An Exploration of the Relationship between Distributed Leadership and Job Satisfaction within the Independent School Sector"

EdD in Mathematics Education

Warwick University


Dissertation title was 'A Critical Appraisal of the Differences between High-Stakes Terminal Mathematics Examinations that Require the Use of Computer Algebra Systems and those where this Technology is Prohibited'

MSc in Mathematics Education

Warwick University


Masters degree in the pedagogy and practice of teaching Mathematics.

Dissertation title was 'CAS and its place in Secondary School Mathematics Education'

PGCE in Secondary Mathematics

Warwick University


Enhanced PGCE and teaching practice for teaching Mathematics across KS3/4/5

BSc in Mathematics

Warwick University


Undergraduate Pure Mathematics degree


Some of the organisations and publications I've worked with...


Quotations which reflect my style and approach


My thoughts on some issues...

Student Leadership

I believe it’s essential that as schools we think carefully and plan our process for developing the leadership potential in our young people. The ability to lead, and be led, is such a key skill that it can’t be left to chance! I wrote about this, and a conference on student leadership which I put […]


The Importance of Music in School…

School’s offer a broad range of opportunities and activities to engage and enrich the experience of their students. Each has there place and provide important development opportunities. That’s not to say you can’t develop these skills through different activities (I actually think there’s a huge amount of similarity between the educational value of music as […]


The Max Box Problem

As part of mt PGCE course I had to create an ICT resource to teach some element of the Maths Curriculum. I decided to try and tackle the traditional Max Box Problem in which you are presented with a sheet (in this case of paper, but it could be anything) and asked to find the […]


Comparison of VLE solutions

I should start from the outset by saying that I have no affiliation with any of the companies mentioned below and the opinions expressed here are solely mine and do not reflect the opinions of anyone I have or currently work for… With that out the way I guess I should start by saying over the course […]


Nested Polygons 2!

So having played with it a bit longer (as well as some helpful prods in the right direction – Thanks Jenni!) we can now make a little more progress… The trick is to convert the infinite product into an infinite sum… To do this we need to find a way to turn multiplication into addition. […]


Substiting into Formulae

I was reading through September 2004 issue of MT (Mathematics Teacher – published by the ATM), and came across an article on teaching “Subtituting into Formula” In the article Colin Foster (from our local Henry VII’s) talks about trying to find ways to make the task of subtituting in to formulas seem more interesting and […]



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