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By Andy | April 1, 2005 | 0 Comment

I came across this Problem Bank website a few months back but noticed that it has recently moved and also undergone a UI update.

CountOn Project.

The Problem Bank is unsurprisingly a bank of problems! But what makes the site extremely useful is the fact that all the problems have been sorted in Year Groups, Stand (Number, Algebra, SSM and Data Handling), and high/low ability. This means you can easily find an appropriate puzzle for whatever group you are teaching. What makes the site even more useful is the fact that on the new website, all the puzzles are now available as Word Files to download.

Try it out and if you find any really interesting puzzles come back and share them here!

Here is one for starters that I did with my top-set Year 9’s – Circle Crescent

An interesting puzzle, especially because the solution doesn’t involve \pi



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