Andy Kemp

Response to the White Paper on the Tomlinson Report

By Andy | February 25, 2005 | 3 Comment

On Wednesday the 23rd of February the Government published the _White Paper_ repsonse to the *Tomlinson Report* in to changes in 14-19 education. Details of the response can be found here From the perspective of a Maths teacher this report is quite disappointing in many (but not all) respects, which we shall look at now: […]

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Nested Polygons 2!

By Andy | February 7, 2005 | 0 Comment

So having played with it a bit longer (as well as some helpful prods in the right direction – Thanks Jenni!) we can now make a little more progress… The trick is to convert the infinite product into an infinite sum… To do this we need to find a way to turn multiplication into addition. […]

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Nested Polygons

By Andy | | 0 Comment

I came across an interesting problem today. Consider a Circle, inside the circle inscribe a triangle, inside that triangle inscribe a circle, then inside that circle inscribe a square, then another circle, then a pentagon and so on… The question is does this sequence of shapes converge to a point, or a circle? And if […]

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