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Resources for Teachers during COVID19 closures

By Andy | March 23, 2020 | 0 Comment

There has been significant generosity shown by many within the education sector to support the continued education of children around the world whilst schools are closed. Below is a list of the resources I’ve found which might be of interest to others:

JCS are an aggregator of online resources and are providing free access to many of the resources including a big bank of educations videos

Audible have pulled together a collection of audiobooks, including books for all age groups, and a bank of classic literature. In addition they have books in French, German, Spanish, Italian and Japanese!

In response to the current situation Marquee TV, who stream opera, ballet, dance and theatre productions, have extended their free trial to 30 days

Project MUSE are providing free access to a large number of scholarly journals and books

CIE are providing access to their ResourcePlus banks of resources tailored to a number of their IGCSE and IA-level courses

Blutick is a Maths platform which utilises AI to give more constructive feedback on students work. It’s designed to cover the 11-16 curriculum

Century is a not one I’ve come across before, but looks like it’s a relatively complete learning platform with pre-made resources

BrainPOP contains a huge bank of subject content resources which are useful for both teacher directed and independent work

Adobe has provided 2 moths of free access to Adobe Creative Cloud, which provides students with access to all of the Adobe design software they will ever from home

Elmwood education are providing free digital access to all their textbooks

Quizlet are providing free access to their premium ‘Quizlet Teacher’ features

MEI are providing access to all of their A-level resources to schools

Pearson are providing free access to their online resources and textbooks

Cambridge University Press are offering a 90 day free trial of eBooks from Cambridge Lower Secondary through to Advanced level.

Collins are offering eBooks, including endorsed student resources and most teacher resources, free of charge to any school that is closed, regardless of whether they are existing Collins customers.

Hodder Education customers who have already bought print textbooks can access the equivalent Student eTextbooks, free for one year. Schools who are not Hodder Education customers can have 3 months’ access to Student eTextbooks.

  • Email Hodder for more information.

GrokLearning, a great collection of Computing resources and courses, have made their material available for free.


Seneca Learning, this one is always free, but fabulous resource with revision materials for KS2, KS3, GCSE and A-levels:

If you know of any other resources which might be of use to people let me know and I’ll add them to the list.


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